Best Record Cleaner Reviews

Best Record Cleaner Reviews

Preserving vinyl clean is highly important for the clarity of its sound. It’s quite an easy task to do with the best record cleaner. There are multiple ways to renew your records that help decrease pops, irritating noise, and clicks spoiling the playback. And the proper storage is important too. Let alone your vinyl should be maintained duly before you play them and afterward.

Below, you’ll find the high-value offers for each category of vinyl cleaning and storage. Check which one will suit you the best!

Best Record Cleaner Reviews

Record Cleaning Kits

Big Fudge Record Cleaner Kit — Best Record Cleaner

Big Fudge Record Cleaner Kit

Containing all necessary tools, this kit is a fit option for those who just begin to build their collection of vinyl or need a quick vinyl record cleaner. The velvet brush is encompassed by the wooden handle. There are a small hard brush, a stylus-dedicated one, and a bottle of the purifying liquid included. All those things are packed in a soft cloth pouch supplied with the kit. The shirring ties on the pouch make it handy to use, especially when traveling.

The velvet brush is plush soft and performs well on dusty records. While the velvet part is quite small to fit the vinyl records of the smallest size, the handle is wider, longer, and rather thick. You’ll need a bit of training with this brush so that it glides over the record smoothly. With that, a carved logo on the side lets you grip the brush confidently preventing you from dropping it or ensuring the brush doesn’t spin off.

The small brush with hard bristles on it serves for deeper cleaning and treats static efficiently. While it works rather well, it’s not as handy as the full-sized analogs (the bristling part takes about 0.6 inches and contains 7 bundles of medium-thick bristles, about 20 bristles in a bundle). The stylus brush is also small and soft. It works well for removing surface dirt before playback.

Key features:
  • Has 2 brushes for a record, and one for a stylus.
  • Includes a carrying pouch.
  • Can be used on any record size.
  • Affordable price.
  • The liquid doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • Removes small particles and fingerprints well.
  • Doesn’t harm the record surface.
  • The liquid ends quickly.
  • The kit doesn’t repair scratches.
Overall Rating: 10/10

Collector Protector CF-100

Collector Protector CF-100

This kit contains the spray bottle with the non-harmful solution and the mid-size cleaning brush with a foldable space-minimizing handle. It serves well for preparing your LPs to playback and dusting them off afterward. Considering the low price, this set can get on top of the best vinyl record cleaner charts. Still, it doesn’t include any appliance for a stylus, and thus requires additional expense.

The included brush has multiple carbon bristles that are inserted throughout the whole side of it evenly (not in bundles). The bristles are quite hard and long, letting you brush away pet’s hair, dust, and tiny particles. They’re also good for retracting the grime from the “walls” of the grooves. This is performed in two rounds minimum. During the first one, the dirt is “hooked up” (you can see it through a magnifying glass or looking closely at the record). During the second round, the retracted particles are wiped off. The brush deals with static neutralization as well, so you can apply it for pre- and post-playback cleaning.

The liquid is stored in a rather small bottle (10ml). It has a sprayer tip and is expended quickly. Still, the absence of alcohol, and ammonia-free contents make it a record cleaning solution, which is worth its price. You can apply it to the harmed records with scratches, and not worry about peeling off the vinyl or damaging the curves of the grooves.

Key features:
  • Carbon fiber bristles.
  • A brush with a full-size handle.
  • Good for fast and thorough LP cleaning.
  • Ammonia- and alcohol-free solution.
  • The handle has small spikes for taking off static and debris from bristles.
  • The bristles preserve their shape and don’t get sanded upon several uses.
  • Renders the record a shiny surface.
  • Some bristles can fall out.
  • The brush requires careful positioning to avoid leaving scratches on the record.
Overall Rating: 7/10

Spin Clean Record Washer System — Best Record Cleaning Kit

Spin Clean Record Washer System

If you want to wash your records manually but spend less time and effort on it, don’t miss the Spin-Clean Record Washer review. This kit fits different vinyl record sizes, costs quite cheap, and lets you have your collection ready within two hours (for about 50 records).

The washing assembly consists of the container, which is deep and wide, 2 rollers, 2 identical brushes, a vial with the cleaning solution (4oz), and two cloth pieces for drying up the washed records. Still, a fiber towel to wrap your LP after the “bath” would be an essential component, too.

The rollers can be installed in three different positions within the container. This lets you have both your LPs and records with a smaller diameter (7 and 10 inches) clean. The record is spun manually between the brushes while being bathed in a cleaning liquid (you should pour it into the container before starting the washing). Usually, 3 spins clockwise and to the opposite direction are enough to clean the vinyl entirely.

The brushes are quite soft and can be applied even to the shellac and scratched vinyl records. The Spin-Clean liquid doesn’t contain alcohol and, thus, fits any type of vinyl record as well.

Key features:
  • Fits different record sizes.
  • Doesn’t consume electricity.
  • The cleaning liquid is alcohol-free.
  • The solution formula helps the deep-sitting grime get off the record.
  • Quick to assemble and simple in operation.
  • The container has a lid to keep the inside clean when not in use.
  • If applying force, the rollers might pop up from holders.
  • It’s difficult to keep the labels dry.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Video Spin Clean Record Washer System

Spin Clean Record Washer MKII Deluxe Kit

Spin Clean Record Washer MKII Deluxe Kit

With this washing kit, you can manage a large stock of vinyl records or wash your small-to-medium size collection for several months. This kit includes everything the MKII kit had, but in a larger scope: 36oz of the cleaning solution, 7 wiping cloth pieces, two long brushes make it the best vinyl cleaner among many competitors. However, the price isn’t low, and you still have to apply manual power.

Two supplied brushes are about 4 inches long and equipped with soft pads. They work out the record carefully without scratching or marring it. You can fully clean the vinyl just in 6 rotations. This means you’ll have to shell out about 2 minutes per LP.

The rollers are installed into three holder slots within the container suitable for the differently sized records. The 33, 45, and 78 RPM vinyl stacks are cleaned with no effort with this kit. The rollers have enough space between them so that the record could spin freely without falling off.

The supplied solution is an MK3 type. It’s alcohol-free and contains components that dig up the dirt and sink in the container. The solution should be diluted prior to usage.

The small towels do a good job in absorbing the solution and water stains on the LP’s surface. They also don’t shed lint and are quite soft. With a considerable reserve of liquid and towels, this set makes one of the best record cleaners in the market.

Key features:
  • 36oz total solution capacity.
  • Long soft-padded brushes.
  • Three roller positions for various record sizes.
  • 7 wiping towels.
  • There are no marks or stains on the vinyl’s surface after cleaning.
  • It’s the best record cleaning kit for those owners who want to get rid of the static electricity from the disk’s area.
  • It purifies the fingerprints, dirt, and grease from the surface of any diameter.
  • There is no instruction in the kit.
  • The roller on the record’s leading edge pops out of the slot from time to time. That’s distracting.
Overall Rating: 10/10

Audio-Technica AT6012

Audio-Technica AT6012

Featuring a brush with a special holder and the record-specific cleaning fluid, this vinyl record cleaning kit doesn’t cost much but provides a good value. It’s intended for taking off dust and other small particles from vinyl surfaces. It’s also good at playback preparation and fighting static.

The brush is a medium-sized one, with a plastic handle and soft velvet pad. The latter is sewn forming the stripes. The direction arrow on the brush side helps you get rid of the buildups and dust that already got stock close to the surface or formed grime (see the manual to do it properly).

The brush handle includes two small openings where you can pour the liquid solution. This option also lets you add the liquid without removing the brush off the surface but requires you to spend more liquid until the velvet pad is soaked.

The solution, provided with this record cleaning kit, comprises cationic surfactants and an organic solvent. It’s quite efficient on stains and grime. Still, it features isopropyl alcohol as well, and, thus, should be poured with caution on older and rare vinyl (not for use on shellac records).

Key features:
  • Curved velvet brush with directional “bristles”.
  • Brush holder with a cleaner.
  • Efficient (but alcohol-containing) cleaning solution.
  • Quick surface dust removal.
  • The handle has recesses on both sides accommodating the fingers.
  • A blue stripe on the holder’s side rubs against the brush to degrease it and take away static.
  • The arrow on a side shows the direction to glide the brush along.
  • As the brush gathers grime deep between the fibers, it must be frequently washed.
  • It takes time before a liquid spreads evenly on the velvet part.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Studebaker SB450

Studebaker SB450

For its middle-tier price, this vinyl cleaning kit is hard to beat. It’s versatile, simple, and intuitive to use. It also provides everything you need to start washing your LPs right away: a container with a cover, 2 brushes, 2 roller appliances, a fluid in a spray-tipped bottle (about 7oz), and two microfiber drying fabrics.

The container is made of thick MDF and coated with PVC. It looks and feels solid, making a good basic item and ensuring you won’t turn it over during washing. During idle periods, the basin can be covered with a supplied lid. All inner details also look well-made. Inside, you’ll see three pairs of roller slots so that you could wash vinyl with different diameters (from 12-inch to 7-inch ones). The rollers are fixed within the slots tightly and don’t get out when you turn the record between them. The brushes are held secure as well, their pads are quite close. It helps have each side of the LP washed thoroughly.

The fluid supplied with the record washer has a mild action. It doesn’t get too deep from the record’s surface but deals quickly with the recently piled dust particles, hair, and other debris. The microfiber napkins parch up the vinyl quickly without leaving stains or lint behind.

Key features:
  • Sturdy MDF cabinet.
  • Three-size roller positioning.
  • Mild liquid solution.
  • Quick assembling and operation.
  • Noticeably less volume of surface noise.
  • A squirt nozzle lets you get the right amount of the liquid for preparing the solution.
  • Original old-style look.
  • The lid is made of thin plastic and feels flimsy.
  • The microfiber napkins are small and get soaked quickly.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Video Studebaker SB450

Vinyl Brushes

Boundless BA-RCB01 — Best Record Cleaning Brush

Boundless BA-RCB01

Having static-fighting properties, a self-cleaning appliance, and a comfortable handle, this unit could definitely be rated as the best record brush. It’s quite good in brushing away the surface dust, as well as picking the stain-forming particles like oils and liquids. However, as any device with a hard bristle, it requires a certain angle and pressure to be applied. Getting too hard on it might result in record damage. Meanwhile, by positioning this brush correctly, you’ll be able to clean even old LPs and improve their signal noticeably. In order to purify your vinyl safely, hold the brush perpendicularly, in a way to make the bristles touch the surface for approximately ¼ of their length or even less.

The brush has an aluminum body with a foldable handle, and bristles take the full side of it. Bristles are made of fine carbon fiber and are positioned tightly, creating two solid rows. With such a design, the first row collects the buildups, and the second one brushes them away from the surface.

The handle is wide and solid. It has a cleansing ridge on it, letting you keep the brush ready. When you fold the handle, the bristling part passes across the ridge, discharging the particles glued to the bristles. This LP cleaning device also features electric conductivity, and neither attracts nor creates static during cleaning.

Key features:
  • Two rows of fine semi-hard carbon fiber.
  • Foldable design.
  • Self-cleaning handle.
  • Anti-static design.
  • The brush is full-sized to cover most of the grooves of a 7-inch record.
  • Removes static out of LPs.
  • Doesn’t require the application of chemicals.
  • The plastic handle detaches easily.
  • The bottom angles of the body are sharp and located close to the fiber.
Overall Rating: 10/10



Over a million gentle but hard enough carbon fiber bristles — that’s how much cleansing force you’ll put on your LP with this record brush. Featuring a classic design, it’s efficient for weeding away the dirt and discharging some static from vinyl. It fits well for a playback record preparation. You can apply it for the after-playback tidying up to ensure the records are returned clean into their holders.

The bristles form two parallel rows and have a medium-to-hard nature. When brushing, make sure the tool scrubs the record surface mildly. Don’t put it too low to avoid scratches on the vinyl. Used correctly, this model is efficient against dust, small hair, threads, microparticles. It wouldn’t make the oils or water stains disappear though.

The brush is conductive, making the static partly discharge from the LP, and doesn’t form additional electricity during cleaning. The metal body of the brush helps convey the static further to the cleaning person’s hand, where it grounds.

The handle of this record cleaning brush has comfortable width and is assembled sturdily. You can rotate it easily for 360 degrees, but it doesn’t flap around. A plastic ridge on the inner part of the handle takes care of the particles on the bristles, rubbing against them.

Key features:
  • 1 mln of conductive fibers.
  • Self-cleaning ridge.
  • Rotating handle.
  • Solid build.
  • Takes away a lot of snaps, pops, and other noise factors.
  • Convenient to hold thanks to a big opening between the handle and the brush body.
  • Doesn’t take much place thanks to the foldable design.
  • The self-cleaning ridge is rather shallow.
  • Fibers might get off at a harder pressure against the record surface.
Overall Rating: 8/10
Video AudioQuest LP RECBRUSH

Record Cleaning Machines

iSonic P4875II+MVR10

iSonic P4875II+MVR10

This ultrasonic device makes the record washing process fully automatic. It implements the 35 kHz of the ultrasonic beam power to beat off any dirt from your records. It’s also equipped with a heater to wash the tank itself. This model of the iSonic cleaner can handle up to 10 records simultaneously and makes one of the best record cleaning machines on the market. The price is on the high side as well.

The stainless steel container can hold 2 gallons of liquid (to clean your records, 1.6 gal is enough). A sturdy steel record holder fits 12-inch records, and can also accommodate 10-inch ones. It’s powered to rotate records at 5 revolutions per minute. You can choose the washing time between 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes settings or insert the desired time via the panel (30 minutes max). There’s also an option to select the temperature (122F, 131F, and 140F). For the record cleaning, though, heating the water or solution isn’t recommended.

The built-in screen and lights next to it show the status of the current operation, the temperature of the water inside the basin, and the time left to complete the operation. This ultrasonic record cleaner is supplied with an 8oz vial for a mild cleaning solution, and a set of Kim (non-fiber type) wiping cloths.

Key features:
  • Powerful ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Washes up to 10 vinyl at once.
  • Selectable timer settings.
  • Fits 10- and 12-inch records.
  • Built-in LED screen.
  • It’s easy to discharge dirty water through a drain valve.
  • The record holder can be installed on any side of the tank.
  • With spacers included, 1 to 10 records can be handled during a single session.
  • The included solution isn’t efficient on oil stains.
  • The temperature settings are limited (cannot just warm up the water to safe 90F).
Overall Rating: 10/10

Record Doctor – V

Record Doctor - V

Featuring the vacuum mechanism, this machine is capable of detaching the grime off the inner groove area of the record. It features a powerful motor with good suction power for taking off any small debris and stain particles. For oil stains and solid dirt build-ups, you can use the included solution with a cleaning brush before turning on the vacuum. This record cleaning machine isn’t as expensive as many of its competitors, because it integrates the manual mechanism for record rotation. It’s quite easy to use though and is probably worth cutting the price.

The device requires an electricity connection and features a 6-ft power cable. The voltage makes 120V. There’s an On/Off switch on the device, letting you control its operation. The box features a suction opening on the top, with a felt strip for cleaning your record when it’s spun across. This strip also keeps the record from bending and touching the cleaner’s top. In order to rotate the record and not to leave your fingerprints on it, there’s a turner appliance included. It’s put on top of the record’s label and doesn’t touch the grooves.

The Doctor V record cleaning machine lets you perform thorough cleaning within 2-5 minutes (considering each size should be treated with fluid, brushes, and vacuumed).

  • Has a drain plug on the bottom to clean the inside of the machine.
  • Removes all types of noise.
  • Stable box with 4 solid round feet.
  • The platter bearing seems somewhat unstable.
  • Water sucked from the record’s surface quickly turns into the mold within the machine.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Video Record Doctor – V

Record Cleaning Solutions

Boundless BA-RCS02 — Best Record Cleaning Fluid

Boundless BA-RCS02

If you’re looking for a record cleaner that can be applied safely to any type of vinyl record, take a look at the Boundless kit. While its price isn’t low, it provides you with a good value and a considerable amount of cleaning liquid.

The included bottle has a 6.75oz capacity and is fitted with a spray tip. The spray mechanism has medium resistance and doesn’t cover a too wide area. This lets you get used to it upon a couple of uses, and spend a little amount on each record side afterwards.

The solution consists mainly of the distilled water that takes about 90%-95% of its volume. Other ingredients make the antibacterial Glydant plus substance, the Propylene Glycol, and the derivatives of Alkyl Phosphate. The latter is known to fight static, and the Propylene Glycol is efficient in stains removal.

The liquid makes fingerprints and small oil smudges vanish quickly upon wiping the surface. Still, for the dirtier records, it’s better to spray the grooves and leave the solution for a while. Then, fold twice the included microfiber towel (12 x12 inches), and wipe the record in one direction. If you don’t want your record label to get wet, use the supplied rubber cover before applying the liquid. The record upon cleaning doesn’t cause static and is ready to playback or set to store in an album.

Key features:
  • 6.75oz liquid bottle.
  • Safe formula.
  • Efficient static removal.
  • High-quality wiping cloth.
  • Record cover included.
  • Doesn’t cause stains, makes records shiny.
  • The wiping cloth is a split type and features very soft fibers.
  • The rubber cap is elastic, non-harmful to vinyl.
  • A second fiber cloth would be nice to lay the record on for drying up.
  • The bottle gets empty quickly.
Overall Rating: 10/10

Record Happy — Best Record Cleaning Solution

Record Happy

The middle-sized bottle of the vinyl cleaning solution, supplied with a small microfiber cloth, makes a good offer for many reasons. First, this kit works well when cleaning the vinyl surface. It’s a quick way to clean your records from your fingerprints or remove an upper layer of dust and small particles like hair and threads.

The LP cleaner solution is supplied in a 6.75oz bottle with a spray tip. The latter can be unscrewed to refill the bottle if needed. The spray mechanism has a middle-hard spring, but it’s rather difficult to control the amount of liquid that comes out. Another downside is the absence of a full list of ingredients. The manufacturer says the solution doesn’t contain alcohol, and it doesn’t smell alcohol as well. However, it works fast on mild smudges, and the dust can be removed from vinyl in a single wipe.

The included cloth is soft, made of high-quality microfiber. When applied to the record, it catches dust well, while some particles get brushed away along the surface. Soaked in the solution, it traps the debris between the fibers efficiently. The kit is anti-static as well, making a good complex solution for record preparation to playback.

Key features:
  • A spray bottle of 6.75oz.
  • No alcohol.
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth.
  • Doesn’t require rinsing.
  • Dries out quickly.
  • Removes dust-related clicks.
  • The microfiber cloth is small (7×7 inches).
  • The cloth gets dirty quickly and requires washing.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Plastic Protective LP Outer Sleeves

Invest In Vinyl

Invest In Vinyl

This transparent album set makes a good option for storing your vinyl records. Having a standard size, the sleeves are made of thick polyethylene and are quite efficient in protecting your records. The 3 Mil thickness gives protection against occasional scuffs and scratches, e.g. with a pen or nails.

The material is smooth but not slippery. After putting the record inside, it doesn’t tend to fall out or glide away when you place the sleeve on a desk. The manufacturer states the sleeves are made without using acids, thus, they don’t affect the vinyl and the label print during the contact.

The wraps are fully transparent, and make 12.75 x 12.5-inch rectangles, with a flush cut side for inserting the record. There are 100 sleeves in a package. You can use them for constant records storage or carrying your vinyl to the studio, handing them to a friend, and so on.

Key features:
  • 100 envelopes in a pack.
  • Thick durable polyethylene.
  • Completely transparent.
  • Acid-free.
  • The material is lightweight and doesn’t rub on the record much.
  • Non-sticky, easy to put and take the record from.
  • Cut evenly with accurate seams.
  • Don’t feature a clasp.
  • Feel too tight on double LPs.
Overall Rating: 9/10