Best Record Cleaner [2019]

Best Record Cleaner [2019]
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Some people are sure that vinyl music is a combination of recorded music and cracking\popping sounds. The thing is that mentioned players don’t sound like that and such unpleasant and annoying noise appears mostly due to the dust in the grooves. If you want to bring back the perfect sound of your favorite vinyl record, it better to choose the best record cleaner and exploit it from time to time. Remember that the old record without necessary cleaning can make the pickup needle to grind more intensively.

You have to understand that the new record, after the first play, charges with static, so it begins to attract dust particles, which will contaminate the groove. The room can’t be perfectly clean because in the air there are always a lot of dust, pollen, and other small rubbish. A binding element prevents the record from sticking to the stamp, but, at the same time, it can serve as a lubricant for dust gathering. The dust greatly deforms the physical audio wave representation causing the defects, so the best vinyl cleaner can come in handy and qualitatively clean the surface of all the excess, without scratching the track itself.

If you really want to take care of your vinyl player and prong its lifetime, the best record cleaning machines are able to help you. Now your main task is to make the right choice and the following list of the popular devices will show you only decent models. All of them are available on the market and are well-proven among audiophiles.

Best Record Cleaner Reviews

Big Fudge Record Care System: Minimum Kit with Velvet Brush

Big Fudge Record Care System
The kit itself contains the velvet brush, cleaning liquid in a bottle, brush for stylus cleanup, and the keeping bag. A rather small brush is compact enough to get the hard-to-reach places, but the wooden part isn’t really comfortable to use (due to its inflexibility). The vinyl player owner doesn’t need special skills to clean records, but it’s better to perform all the procedures carefully and without sudden movements. Black bottle with cleaning spray contains 50 ml of liquid, but it’s very expendable, so it needs to be refilled soon. The Big Fudge Record Care System can be potentially the best record cleaning kit for beginners because it contains all the required elements and is easy to use.


  • The liquid in a spray has a neutral smell.
  • The whole kit fits in one small bag, so it’s easy to keep it not far from the player itself.
  • Velvet brush really is very soft and leaves no scratches.


  • The care system doesn’t pick up large objects (specks or hair).
  • It does nothing to remove fingerprints. I have to press down the vinyl while cleaning at the risk of damaging the surface.

Vinyl Vac 33: Kit with O-ring Adapter and Soft Brush

Vinyl Vac 33
This device is a vinyl record vacuum cleaner for both owners type: beginners and avid vinyl collectors. It readily affixes the record player’s spindle that fixes the vacuum wand in a required place. The cleaning process can become an addition to the home-made immersion wash. Neat pads on the wand usage damage the records. The Vinyl Vac 33 can be considered as the best record cleaner, but in practice, it’s hard to call it like that because the unit is only a key element of a practical ultimate solution. Before the kit’s usage, it better to practice on some old vinyl players and find out how it works.


  • An O-ring adapter makes it possible to add a vacuum cleaner and hoover the record.
  • A felt washer protects adapters and labels from damages during the suction process.
  • The small amount of cleaning liquid helps remove the dust at one heat, moreover, the brush is able to clean up carefully even without any liquid.


  • The unit doesn’t fit a standard vacuum hose, so it needs to improvise and think about fixing it.
  • All the kit’s elements are made of thin plastic and have an unpleasant chemical smell.

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII: Static, Fingerprints, and Dirt Removing

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII
The kit has a special cleaning fluid. Its formula effectively removes the dirt, which then settles on the unit’s bottom, and not on the vinyl record. The Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII permits you to start the cleaning process immediately: everything you need is already in the box. It’s easy to use the unit: turn two or three times the vinyl record clockwise, then the same number of times against it, remove the record and dry it clockwise with a special lint-free cloth. Velvet brushes gently and effectively remove all dirt particles from the surface; moreover, both sides of the record are cleaned simultaneously.


  • There are no marks or stains on the vinyl’s surface after cleaning.
  • It’s the best record cleaning kit for those owners who want to get rid of the static electricity from the disk’s area.
  • It purifies the fingerprints, dirt, and grease from the surface of any diameter.


  • There is no instruction in the kit.
  • The roller on the record’s leading edge pops out of the slot from time to time. That’s distracting.

Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush: Solid Build Quality and Compactness

Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush
Such a product is great for frequent use because it cleans up small layers of dust and makes the music sound much better. It’s easy to use the unit because the construction is simple, but the owner should be careful, after a few fallings the unit may become damaged. The brush has enough size to use with 12” record. It greatly lies in a hand, is rather solid and light weighted (despite the fact that the hilt is made of aluminum). It would be wrong to call the Boundless product the best vinyl record cleaner, but the unit is simple and effective, so it can be regarded as one of the most decent accessories for audiophiles.


  • The brush itself is well-made because no bristles fell out during the exploitation process.
  • It removes even old fingerprints.
  • All the carbon bristles are straight so there is no risk to scratch the record.


  • It seems that the unit doesn’t have an antistatic effect. The duct quickly comes back to the surface after brush using.
  • The brush greatly picks up the fresh dust but it can’t remove the heavy dust.

Record Doctor V: Drain Plug and Solid Construction

Record Doctor V
The whole set contains only important things and is relatively compact. The liquid has a pleasant smell and is enough for rare usage. It’s better to use the unit for scaling right before the playing process because the batch cleaning makes the mechanism sound squeaky and noisy. It is enough 1-2 turns to clean the record (one turn in the forward direction and one in the opposite direction). The rotation of the disk is very fast (about two seconds per turn), which is about three times faster than conventional machines can propose. As a result, cleaning is fast and efficient, and the object is dry (no excess moisture is released).


  • Gathers the dirty fluid from the record.
  • The construction has a drain plug that is very useful.
  • The manual contains all the information that is represented in a straightforward way.


  • The device works very loud.
  • It overheats quickly (literally after the few cleaning).

RENECO Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit: Dirt and Static Removing

RENECO Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit
The big brush that is a part of the RENECO Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit is made of ultrathin hairs of soft velvet, specially selected for this purpose. Velvet penetrates deep into the vinyl tracks and removes even the smallest dust particles. In addition, the brush partially helps remove the static from the surface of the record. The small device itself can be easily cleaned using standard household cleaning products. These brushes can be probably called the best vinyl cleaner for those people who are looking for a small cleaning kit.


  • The kit is small and can be kept on the shelf.
  • All the brushes don’t have an unpleasant smell.
  • The units have a simple construction and it’s hard to break them.


  • It works unstable. Sometimes it cleans as it has to, and sometimes the brush pushes the dust into one spot like a broom, without removing it.
  • The kit is good for those vinyl records that are in relatively good condition because the brushes can’t eliminate the stubborn dirt.

Record-Happy BR-ST17: Static and Dust Quick Removal

Record-Happy BR-ST17
Antistatic microfiber tissue that goes in a kit is really soft and removes the dust from the vinyl records without negative impact. The velvet brush in combination with the specific liquid really cleans up the surface and helps get rid of static. Stylus brush has different-length bristols (some are longer and some are shorter), so it’s hard to perform the cleaning quickly and productive. This is definitely not the best vinyl cleaner but it has very simple construction and is easy to use, so it can be really a decent choice for the vinyl fan-beginners.


  • 10 ml of cleansing spray is enough for long-term usage because it needs a little amount of it to clean the one vinyl record.
  • The kit is placed in a special plastic bag, so all the important things stay together and won’t be lost.


  • The stylus brush has a few lacked bristles.
  • Back cover, which goes over the small stylus brush, falls off frequently.

Buyers Guide

Tips on Cleaning Vinyl Records

Each music fan can face the problem of how to clean a vinyl record at home. First, you need to choose a method and means for cleaning vinyl that will be applied: express care with the best record cleaner hand kit or deep cleaning with the cleaning machine. Attentive visual inspection of the surface is required. If there are dust particles, they should be removed with the help of a special brush or velvet ribbon. Such a procedure is better to do in the player itself or on a special mat.

If you are thinking about another appliance of vinyl disk renewal using, pay attention that cotton cloth is definitely not the best vinyl record cleaner. Its structure is not able to absorb the cleaning liquid, and the villi can’t penetrate into the groove, only the finest velvet fibers can do this dirty work. It is better to make a more thorough record cleaning with a special spray (it has high detergent and penetrating abilities, as well as antistatic effect) and velvet brush/microfiber. If the person wants to wash it by hand it’s better to begin with soaking. Put the record in the washing liquid that goes in a kit for 10-15 minutes. The vinyl player owner has to remember that the movement of the brush should be directly opposite to the rotation of the plate and move from the sticker to the outer edge.

The vacuum cleaner usage is more efficient since the dirty emulsion after the cleaning process is removed by a strong suction air flow from the groove to the tank of the best record cleaning machine. As a result, vinyl washing is significantly reduced by conditional drying. Such devices have very similar to vinyl players design, but instead of the tonearm, they have a tube with brushes. All the person needs is to place the record in the device and use a cleaning liquid. The equipment will make everything by itself without excessive noise and splashings.

Pack the clean record in a new plastic envelope. It’s better to discard the old package, even if it looks clean. A lot of dust can be gathered on its surface, which will immediately settle on clean vinyl. Don’t forget to vacuum the outer cardboard envelope to remove loose particles from it. It should be comfortable, relatively durable, provide some mechanical protection, and also have antistatic properties. Make it a rule to arrange for your vinyl a regular washing once or twice a year and remember to immediately wash the new records purchased for your collection.