How to Connect Speakers to The Turntable?

How to Connect Speakers to The Turntable?

There are many tips on how to connect speakers to turntable. Some recommend doing one way, others say different things, but in the only one they are right – it’s an electrical circuit – the laws of physics. Variants can begin with the installation of a speaker, its inclination, characteristics they may differ, but not in electricity. Undoubtedly, it’s nice to be accompanied by the music of high-quality sound, with no foreign obstacles and wheezing.

Connection algorithm and its subtleties

How to connect the speakers to the turntable and not damage the device in the quality of its sound, the question is not easy, given that modern technology is so tidy up with all possible electronic components that this is far from simple devices of 20 years ago.

Modern speakers are sophisticated designs that include not only radio but also television, satellite navigation, DVD players, and other enhancements. Therefore, it is not so easy to properly install such a kit correctly.

Of course, you can trust the words of the neighbor in the garage, which will assure you of the professionalism of your actions and will do everything “at a quick hand,” but be prepared that the desired effect will not.

The second way: come to a service center where qualified specialists will listen to your wishes and show the most optimal way of installing this or that equipment. But for such a service will have to pay. The question is: what is more important to you than money or sound quality?

But nobody would tell, and when you do everything yourself – it’s a much more enjoyable process. So, we will try to outline the key points when installing and connecting a hook up a turntable.

The preparatory stage of process connect speakers to turntable

It is important to have the necessary tools and accompanying equipment at your disposal:

  • Free personal time;
  • Screwdriver set of different types;
  • Electrical appliance tester;
  • Any insulating elements;
  • Shrink elements that are required to connect the speakers to the turntable.

Installation and connection procedure

It is necessary to determine the construction of fasteners, as there are many types of them;
Watch and appreciate the speakers, as a rule, everyone already has an initial layout of the main cables;
We match the plug from the speakers connect to the turntable, if they fit each other, then fix them by winding one another and testing the sound. Otherwise, go to the market and buy the necessary adapter for this. True expensive models, the best speakers for vinyl!

already in the kit must contain such a adapter; Disconnect the terminal from the “plus” of the battery to avoid short circuits; If in the process of connecting speakers to turntable you will see that you need to connect some wires, then in no case twist them, they need to be welded in order to prevent the appearance of such a way foreign noise and scratches, the high probability of occurrence of which exists when connecting speakers to turntable using this method; Carefully isolate soldering surfaces for safety reasons.

If you have questions about the color range of cables, then do not panic, read carefully the instructions and search the information on the Internet. Check the main wires, they always and on any devices have standard markings (red, black, yellow, brown and green). Check their work is simple: connect one end of the tester to the speaker, others try the wires until you hear a small click in the dynamics. Actually speaking, this will require a wire.

It is strictly forbidden to connect them to contacts, as this is very dangerous in terms of a possible fire. Directly you need to be careful when choosing the polarity of the speaker wires.

They will have “+/-” markers. Your hearing will help you to choose the right one, which will determine the best sound. With the question of how to connect the turntable to speakers have figured out, now it’s just a matter of compactly wiring the corps and enjoying a beautiful sound.