How to Ground a Turntable in a Correct Way

How to Ground a Turntable in a Correct Way

There are several reasons for the nasty noise from your turntable. The most widespread are defective cables, physical coupling, and electrical grounding. Difficulties with grounding a turntable could be one of the reasons you afraid to buy a record player.

Keep in mind that incorrect grounding can lead to the unnecessary buzzing noises, awful hum, and sound degradation. That’s why you need to make sure that your player is grounded correctly into the amplifier to get the pure sound and to avoid the ground loop. Such a problem appears when all chassis connections differ from other the voltage or the possible ground.

Follow these instructions to prevent the disturbed sound and to achieve the correct turntable grounding.

Step 1
At the very beginning, you should de-energize a power supply. Disconnect the player and amplifier to avoid unnecessary noises in the speakers and the electric shock hazard.

Step 2
Basically, there are 5 wires marked with different colors that connect the player to the amplifier and the receiver. Mark grounding wire for turntable. The next task is to locate the wires of a turntable like any electric hardware. It is should be connected to the metal turntable chassis. Most turntable grounding wires have the green color, however, your wires might be in another color. So, you need to unroll the wire.

Step 3
Detect the grounding terminal. You should look for the inscription “ground” on your amplifier or receiver. The coating of the terminal is dissimilar as you can see. The terminal can be a metal pole with a knurled shaft or a simple screw clamp. Extricate the grounding terminal.

Step 4
Connect the ground wire to the amplifier ground terminal. Letting loose the ground terminal, you have to be sure that the player’s ground wire engages the amplifier ground terminal. From that point forward, you should move your hardware to limit the separation between the amplifier and the turntable (if it is needed).

Step 5
Plug the ground wire connector onto the ground terminal. At that point, you have to fix the connection with a temperate force; in any case, make certain to hold it in a strictly fixed level.

Step 6
To finish the process, you have to turn the power on to turntable and amplifier. After that, your turntable and audio system can be ready.

So, these simple tips will be handy if you don’t know how to ground a turntable.