Proper Way of Cleaning Vintage Receiver

Proper Way of Cleaning Vintage Receiver

An old receiver could be a real treasure for vintage fans. However, even if it is in a working condition, it may just not turn on or work with unnecessary noises. In most cases, the reason for this is that the receiver demand cleaning. So, the question is how to clean receiver? It is better to use a special tool for this. Of course, you can also use different cleaning solvents, but the possibility of harming the device will be more. Read the next paragraphs to find out about the most proper way to clean it.

What You Will Need:

  • A screwdriver, suitable to remove the panels.
  • The DeOxit kit (with blue and yellow spray bottles).
  • A mascara brush or pipe cleaners.

Steps To Disassembly The Receiver

Firstly, you will need to remove the receiver covers to clean it from inside.

  1. Take off the top cover using a screwdriver by removing the screws holding it. Put these screws in a separate place and mark where are they from, so you could properly assemble the receiver after cleaning.
  2. Stand up the device in a vertical way to reach its bottom cover and repeat the first step, without forgetting to put the screws aside and mark them, so you won’t get confused.
  3. If you can reach with a straw all the switches and knobs on the face cover, then you won’t need to take off the face cover. If not, you will have to read the instruction for your receiver – each model has a different way of the front panel fastening.

Cleaning Vintage Receiver: 4 Steps

After disassembling, you can start cleaning receiver.

Step 1. Clean the Potentiometers
They are located on the front side of the receiver and look like little cylinders. Find a little hole that will give you access to the inside of a potentiometer, and spray the red DeOxit using a straw, but don’t over-do it. After spraying, turn the knob back and forth several times to make sure you hit all the contact areas. Do the same to each potentiometer.

Step 2. Clean the Switches
The process of cleaning the switches is similar to the first step. Spray the surfaces of the electrical contacts and work them back-and-forth.

Step 3. Lubricate Potentiometers and Switches
Just spray the yellow DeOxit on the potentiometers and switches the same way as you did it in the first and second steps, and work the knobs few times to spread it around. Lubrication protects them from wearing out.

Step 4. Clean The Jacks and Socket Contacts
This step can also free you from the necessity of cleaning vintage receiver again for years if you repeat this process every few months using even simple rubbing alcohol. Apply the DeOxit red stuff on mascara brush or pipe cleaners and insert it through the jack-hole, cleaning well. Do the same with every contact on the receiver.

Step 5. Clean the Fuse
Unscrew the cover of the fuse on the rear panel, put the mascara brush with red DeOxit applied on it into the hole and clear it well. So, this is the last step to clean vintage receiver.