Tips on How to Connect Turntable to Speakers

Tips on How to Connect Turntable to Speakers

To that day, turntables have firmly taken their place in the sun as one the main home stereos. Surprisingly, the popularity of the digital sound fully coincided with the popularity of the analog sound. The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute reports that for the first time in a decade, sales of vinyl records exceeded 500 thousand. Most people say that the process of playing a vinyl record is more pleasant. As the result, the sales increased drastically.

So this simple guide on how to connect turntable to speakers will be useful for everyone.

Powered (Active) and Passive Speakers

When buying audio equipment, there are few common questions that come to mind: Do you need powered or passive speakers? So, what’s the difference?

The powered speakers have a built-in amplifier and offer you accessibility and portability, while passive speakers don’t come with a built-in amplifier. Which one is better? It depends on your application.

Connecting Turntable to Powered Speakers

This type of installation is very simple and requires you to connect turntable to speakers without receiver. You just need RCA and ground cables. The fact that you will need to have only two components makes the process of connection quite easy. This is how you connect turntable powered speakers in just 4 steps:

  1. Pass the RCA and ground cables from the turntable to speakers.
  2. Make sure that the switch on the rear panel of the speakers is set to “Phono”.
  3. Plug in the player and the speakers.
  4. Put on a record and enjoy the sound!

P.S. Not all the amps have a special phono input. In this case, you should connect your vinyl to an external phono preamp, and then separated power amp connects to your speakers. This is fundamentally the same as the traditional installation, except phono preamp and power amp are isolated.

The Headphone Setup

If you don’t constantly feel like listening to music through the speakers, you can always set up your player to the turntable as the process is quite simple. Receivers usually have special connectors for headphones, but if yours doesn’t, just connect the player with a built-in phono pre-amp to a headphone amplifier. There is nothing complicated.

So, all things are considered. Remember, if you connect the vinyl player to the speakers, you’ll get better sound. So, now you are informed about how to connect turntable to speakers.