Using a Preamp With the Phono Port

Using a Preamp With the Phono Port

To get the perfect sound, you may be required to use various devices and one of the difficulties that you may experience is connecting everything up. It is not extremely difficult, but there are still some factors to be considered.

Building the audio system, you want to use the best receiver for vinyl, the best speakers and the high-grade cables so you do not get any noise or distortion. There are some cases when you can avoid using some devices and make the whole setup a bit simpler (but it still provides you with the amazing output sound).

The preamp installed in the receiver

There are numerous receivers available to you – they may have various features that can even enhance the output signal. A receiver can be the central element of the whole setup. If you want to use a turntable with your receiver, then a question appears – Do I need a preamp if my receiver has a phono input? Some models have them already installed and they have an input port labeled “Phono” – consider checking the back panel of your model where all the ports are located. It is a perfect case, especially if your turntable does not feature an amplifier. In this case, you just need to hook everything up (using the “phono” and “grounding” ports). A receiver with phono input has another great advantage – it does not make you use any additional solutions. You just need to connect everything up and enjoy the output sound. Moreover, receivers allow you to tweak various settings to get exactly you want (you can use an equalizer).

Is it a perfect solution?

A phono preamp installed in your receiver maybe not a perfect solution. Of course, it makes the whole system simpler, but such devices determine how good the output sound is. Therefore, if this part is poorly-designed, you will not get the perfect vinyl-level audio quality. It may be a good option to use an extra preamplifier – it complicates the setup a bit since you need to add another element between the two models you use. However, various models may have extra features that provide you with a certain flexibility. If you use an additional preamp solution, then you should use an AUX port of the receiver.

Both devices already have preamps installed

If both devices you use have built-in preamps and the turntable features an option to turn off the amplifier, then you can choose what preamp to use. It may happen that a turntable was built using high-grade components and the output signal is clear. However, if you have an old model, you may better rely on a solution installed in the receiver you use.
If you use an amplifier installed in a turntable, then you should use an “AUX” port not the “Phono” port of the receiver. Otherwise, you will use two preamps.

Get the perfect sound

Using high-grade components is crucial for getting the amazing sound – if the receiver you use has a “phono” input port, then you can easily connect everything up and start enjoying music. However, if you are not satisfied with the output audio, you may want to add an extra amplifier, which can boost up the signal without generating any noise. Such models are not very expensive. Do not ignore the cables – make sure you use new, high-quality cables, which assure a perfect connection, which is necessary for the noise-free audio output.