What to Look for When You Choose Speakers for a Turntable?

What to Look for When You Choose Speakers for a Turntable?

A vinyl record provides you with the amazing audio output quality. However, finding a good turntable is not the only thing you need to do. Choosing the best speakers for vinyl is quite challenging as well. Speakers are extremely important since they determine how good the output sound is. There are different models and they may have various features.

What to expect from speakers?

When you start building your entertainment setup, you have to clearly understand “What to look for in speakers for vinyl?” and answer the question “What do I expect from it?”. Well-engineered and designed speakers will provide you with the properly-saturated authentic sound. However, you still may experience some messy noise or even rumbling – but that is not a speakers’ fault, but that is what some vinyl records have.

Choosing the correct solution

Here are the most important factors which help you understand how to choose speakers for vinyl.
Inputs. You need to find a model that has the required input ports. Check the manual of your turntable and the manual of the speakers you would like to get to see if they have compatible ports. If a manufacturer does not provide you with the cables, then you should get the best ones. A poor-quality cable may provide you with unnecessary noise.

Active (powered) and passive speakers. Some models may already have an installed amplifier and it makes the whole setup a bit easier – you just need to connect the speakers with the turntable and enjoy your music. However, some people prefer getting passive speakers which require an additional amplifier. In this case, your setup becomes more flexible, since you can replace speakers or an amplifier and make the output sound even better. Getting a separate solution will make your setup more expensive, complicated and it will require more space. Therefore, if you want to keep it simple, then consider getting active speakers.

It is also important to check the frequency response – the wide range will provide you with the required audio specter without cropping anything.

Extra turntable speakers features. Some models may have additional features like a Bluetooth connection which eliminates the necessity of dealing with cables and wires. Certain solutions come with a remote controller, so you can easily control them. Some manufacturers may introduce various features that make the output sound clearer and deeper.

Enclosure design. The speakers’ design is very important since it influences the output sound. You need to consider getting vented or ported models since such models will provide you with the balanced sound output without canceling any sound waves or getting unnecessary reverberation.

Dimensions. The bookshelf type is good if you have special furniture for them – you just place them there and they look great. If you do not have any special furniture then you need to consider getting floor standing models. If you want to preserve some space then wall-mounted speakers are for you – but their installation may take some time.

Budget.The price ranges from $50 to $600 or even more. If you expect great sound, then you will have to spend some money.

What to get?

Finding good speakers may take some time. If you are an audiophile and you have much space, then consider getting high-grade passive speakers and a good amplifier. It will also allow you to changing various elements easily without spending too much. Active speakers are also great and they are incredibly easy to use, but they do not provide you with that versatility.